Ashish Manufacturing - An ISO certified zinc & Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Components Manufacturing Company in NOIDA, New Delhi NCR, India
Ashish Die Casters- Manufacturer of Metal Handicrafts, Art Ware, Giftware, Automobile Spares, Survey Equipments, Hardware, Furniture Fittings, Bathroom Accessories, Candle Stands, Napkin Rings and Tea Light Stands from Aluminum and Zinc with the process of Pressure Die Casting, Gravity Die Casting, Centrifugal Die Casting.
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Welcome to Ashish Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Industrial Component Manufacturers,Metal Handicrafts Die Casting Manufacturer, India Noida
Industrial Component Manufacturers,Metal Handicrafts Die Casting Manufacturer, India Noida
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Ours is a one stop shop for all solutions regarding castings ranging from tool designing, tool making to machining and finishing of components.

We provide the finest quality proposed for export products. we have state of the art technology for aluminum & zinc pressure die casting. We maintain "quality & timely delivery " as our main motto by inspection at every step of production. We excel in gravity casting components as well.

We fully understand the importance of confidence and trust in any customer- supplier relationship. We understand, too, that we continually place our own reputation on the line with every customer we serve. It is not only yesterday's track record that matters. A diligent concern must be maintained today to assure the highest possible quality and the promise of excellence in our products and service to you.

Our product range includes metal handicrafts, art ware, giftware, automobile spares, survey equipments, hardware ,furniture fittings, bathroom accessories, candle stands, napkin rings and tea light stands Our clientele includes many top exporters of India as on date.
  Our Commitment :
  • Low cost pricing through advanced creative designing
  • Research, development and design
  • Flexible and modern approach to die casting methods
  • Reducing or eliminating unnecessary machining
  • Secondary operations to exacting specifications
  • Inventory control
  • Information center
  • Standing behind our workmanship
  • To assure our quality levels and service for our customers
  • We have secondary operational facilities in house and outside sourcing.
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